The OSP program is just the newest way to feature a product more prominently on Amazon’s site. Featured listings and “Amazon’s Choice” listings have been a part of the ecosystem for some time. Editorial Recommendations will not be a replacement for paid postings, but can work in conjunction with it.

Publishers Provide a Trustworthy Voice

Consumers are wary of reviews, paid listings and Amazon’s choices. The third-party mention of a product is reassuring to purchasers. The seller is obviously paying for the featured listing, and Amazon’s Choice is probably best for Amazon, not necessarily for the consumer. But the third-party publisher wants to protect its reputation for good advice, and only recommend good products. The combination of paid posts, Amazon’s Choice and Editorial Recommendations create great conditions for purchase decisions for mentioned products.

Igniting the Flywheel

There is also a positive effect of Editorial Recommendations on paid search within Amazon. Once an article goes live for a category within the Onsite Publishing program, it can dramatically improve the performance of paid search in that category. In one example, an Editorial Recommendation combined with an existing paid search term increased sales from $500 daily to over $5,000 daily, almost overnight.

This sort of lift applies beyond combinations with paid search. Every product and every category is different, but generally, Editorial Recommendations lift the products mentioned by 10 to 50%. Leftmost (or first position) mentions perform best, but all products mentioned generally see a bump in sales once the article is live and indexed for search terms.

Editorial Recommendations Are Not Ads

There are many things the Editorial Recommendation will not do, considering its function for Amazon and the publishers. One brand will not be recommended across the article, and competitors cannot be excluded. Amazon also will not link to purchasing options outside of Amazon, so an editorial mention in a major publisher will not drive traffic to your website. Despite these limitations, the OSP program is a great opportunity for established products to increase sales and protect their position in the Amazon marketplace.