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Editorial Recommendations in Q4 2020

2020 has seen the growth of ecommerce explode, and the holiday shopping season will continue that trend. With the coronavirus still a major threat, more and more shoppers are planning to do their holiday shopping online this year.  As consumers have gotten used to buying more things via the internet, they have realized that the […]

At HBW Commerce, we are working hard to help our clients understand the world of Editorial Recommendations. Over the life of the Onsite Associates Program, our team members have been present, learning the ins and outs of the system from the point-of-view of publishers, sellers and ecommerce platform owners.

We have been amassing data on Editorial Recommendations, and are regularly extracting insights on the system for our clients. We are able to report live articles and transactions driven by those articles, and have expanded our reporting to include how often those articles are rendering for targeted keywords.

Our data doesn’t stop there: our team has the most experience in the industry when it comes to matching products and keywords that will win with Editorial Recommendations. We can partner with you to mark out a keyword strategy that builds your BSR from mid-range to top 100.

Check out our collection of thought-leadership on Editorial Recommendations in our blog posts, and check back regularly for more.

Who is HBW Commerce?

We have proprietary software and relationships with many prominent publishing outlets. As a result, we advocate for your product, and try to attain placements on top reviews sites (similar to how a PR agency might advocate for articles on a traditional news outlet). We then advocate for those units to render on Amazon as well (see attached visual as an example of an Amazon unit, and the normal unit on a publisher site might look like this or this). When we achieve these goals (which we define as either: (A) Achieving a placement on a site / outlet AND / OR (B) Amazon itself) we charge a performance fee. With our reporting we can often track results / GMV across the properties we partner with, and we aim to share that information with you in a monthly report.  Summary: We have helped many brands / ASIN’s dramatically increase their revenue in a matter of months, and all at a very reasonable price.  HBW Commerce stands for “Helping Brands Win” Commerce, and that is our mission. 

How long does it take to get the article in the Amazon editorial recommendations?

It typically takes a few weeks to get the articles to surface. The fastest we have seen is around two weeks when there are a lot of quick turns by various players in the process. The slowest is about two months.

How long does an article stay up? Can I cancel at any time? 

We have aligned incentives with our pricing structure to keep articles up as long as possible, and you ONLY pay if we attain that goal. In some cases we have seen the same article stay up for close to a year. With our terms you can cancel at any time, so there is no risk of us charging you into perpetuity if you are not pleased with the service / results.

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